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The Guggenheim (New York).

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Recent changes at Valley Frame Works include the sale and transfer of the business by Jeff Hansen to Ani Rivera, President of the parent company (Archival Matters, Inc.).

Ani has over 30 years of experience working with museums and private collections, and is bringing some of those same services to Amherst Valley Frame Works. Not to “tweet” on his own accomplishments, Ani’s experience includes handling and management of the permanent collection at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, where he tenured for ten years as Preparator and Collections Manager. So, from Atget to Picasso to Monet, Ani brings his expertise now to the new Valley Frame Works.

Change can be hard but can also provide a positive and responsible approach to the business vision. The acquisition by Archival Matters, Inc. also brings the services of a national consulting company to a new home base, providing the 5 college area, including local historical societies, and Museums 10, new services and products that address their collection needs.

Ani Rivera obtained patents on museum storage systems and designs that are currently in museums, public and private collections around the country. Click on the link below to see what Archival Matters can do for your museum or private collection.

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